Colts Tickets – NFL’s Most Frustrated Team

by on August 6, 2010 updated August 6, 2010

 It seems to the outsider that Indianapolis Colts tickets must be the best NFL tickets around. For almost a decade now, since the arrival of Manning, the Indianapolis Colts have been laying out double digit win season like a hen lays eggs. Each and every year the Colts begin with a string of victories that has fans beginning the countdown to a perfect season. While that hasn’t happened, Indianapolis usually finds itself ver highly seeded in the playoffs and getting tabbed with the Super Bowl favorite label.

But in all that time the Indianapolis Colts have brought home one Lombardi Trophy. Despite regular playoff appearance Manning has only delivered the goods once. Their last foray into the Super Bowl provided an especially hard loss to the New Orleans Saints after the Colts looked to be dominating in the 1st quarter. But the inability to stop the Saints offense, the lack of a power running game, and an un-Manning like interception in the 4th quarter killed the dream again. It must be extremely wearing to get so close, with such a good team, and have only one Lombardi Trophy to show for it.


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