Colts vs Patriots Tickets – Playoff Preview

by on January 6, 2014 updated January 6, 2014

Colts at Patriots Playoff Tickets Available Now! 


Tickets are still available for the Colts vs Patriots playoff game this upcoming Saturday and we here at fully expect a barnburner of a game. If there’s one lesson we learned this weekend it has to be that you simply can’t count out the Indianapolis Colts as long as Andrew Luck is under center. In overcoming a 28-point deficit to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis established themselves as a dangerous team, one Tom Brady and the Patriots would do well to respect.

 Now, on to the analysis.

 What we have here in the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots are two great quarterbacks. Brady is a proven commodity and he’s got the Super Bowl rings to prove it. Andrew Luck is well on his way to creating a kind of mythic aura around himself, one that could easily, in the future, match that of Brady. But an NFL fan has to wonder just how good could these two have been in 2013 had they been given top quality receivers? Honestly, these guys are accomplishing great things with receivers that are no better than average NFL pass catchers. The quarterback that gets the most out of his wide receivers will have the edge here. Brady has the experience, Luck just has the touch.

 Does the past count? The Colts better hope not. The last time these two teams met it New England coming out on top 59-24. We’re not big believers in past outcomes influencing the future but that’s enough to make any NFL fans either sweat or rejoice. Expect a closer game in 2014.

 Finally, both quarterbacks will be hoping to have the advantage of a solid running game to keep pressure off and allow receivers to get some space. The Patriots can use Steven Ridley and LeGarrette Blount pretty much interchangeably. neither is great but both are of the workhorse variety running back that can occasionally overperform. The Colts have Donald Brown, another avergae back. The question mark here is Trent Richardson, who hasn’t lived up to his billing. One good game in the playoffs could justify the trade.

 Bottom line? New England at home is tough to discount. The Colts are tough to discount after their performance against Kansas City. The only prediction we can make? If you don’t have tickets to this game you’ll wish you had.

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