Colts Don’t Need To Be Lucky with Luck

by on August 18, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


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If you asked a fan of football if RGIII or Andrew Luck would win the Rookie of the Year Award, nine out of ten people will say RGIII.  Usually, that’s followed with them saying that Luck will have a better career, though.  I would disagree with one of these points.  I think after watching Luck perform with the Indianapolis Colts against the St. Louis Rams that I’ve changed my mind on who would win Rookie of the Year.  I’m convinced that Luck won’t have trouble winning the award.

Andrew Luck went 10 of 16 for 188 yards and 2 touchdowns in just about one quarter, if not a little more.  Now, it is true that it is against the Rams and that it was a preseason game, but the kid opened up with a 63-yard touchdown.  So, I hear analysts saying that the pass was like 5 yards and Donald Brown did the rest.  This is true, but pulling off a screen pass is not an easy thing to do.  When you see 300-pound men running full speed at you, a lot of quarterbacks would react differently, some would even take the sack or fall down.  When he threw that pass, I immediately thought of Drew Brees because of his excellent screen set-ups.  If I can see Brees in Luck, then Luck has a great career ahead of him.

The NFL needs to watch out for this guy.  The Indianapolis Colts don’t need to be lucky with Mr. Andrew Luck.  The guy means business.  He’s smart, has an arm, and is franchise-quarterback material.  Everything about him looks great.  Go see Andrew Luck this season because it will be a pleasant surprise, get your tickets at

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