College Football Tickets – The Final Factor

by on August 24, 2009 updated August 24, 2009

 When I was in high school they were big on movies, Disease movies, drug movies, morality movies. It seems like once a week the Brothers of the Holy Cross would herd our demented little minds into some pseudo-shock therapy black and white  flick and ingrain into our feeble thoughts some overpowering message. One in particular stands out in my brainwashed grey cells. A film called “The Final Factor”. Basically is was scenario after scenario of horribly mutilating car crashes, which began in an innocent fashion but went horribly wrong because of “The Final Factor” of alcohol abuse. Proving to that it only takes one drink to wind up the worst mass murderer in the history of the universe.

 College football tickets kind of remind me to tickets to these old theatrical horrors. Just one factor in a college football team or a college football game can devastate the exalted hopes and dreams of millions. Let’s take a look at college football teams possibly possessing that mutant gene, that fatal flaw, that “Final Factor”

Florida Gators Final Factor and Fatal Flaw- With Tim Tebow and the return of most starters, it’s hard to find a glaring fatal flaw. Tebow hides most of them. But if you look closely you might find a unit of wide receivers with no really strong personality. The Gators have plenty of talent, but nobody I see that can catch the ball in traffic, make someone miss, then outrace the rest of the defense down the field. If he’s there I don’t see him. Give me his name Charlie.

USC Trojans Final Factor and Fatal Flaw – This one is a little more obvious. The USC Trojans lose eight, count em, eight starters on the defensive side of the ball, not graduation but to the NFL! How do you replace eight NFL worthy players? That’s a tough cookie to bake, especially since the unit faces the biggest challenge of the season in it’s game against Ohio State, a mere two weeks into the season.

Oklahoma SoonersFinal Factor and Fatal Flaw – This is just to make my friend Dancin Dave sweat a little bit. He’s once again pegged his beloved Sooners to win the BCS National Championship Games. Not gonna happen Dave. Your Heisman level quarterback will be being protected by five first year starters, yes, basically a rookie crew in front of the man with the ball.

LSU Tigers Final Factor and Fatal Flaw – This one breaks my heart but since I dissed Dave I gotta look at LSU and wish I could see a quarterback. Sophomore Jordan Jefferson has show some real potential. But he’ll have to get past any sophomore slump and learning curve very very quickly or else could easily finish in the middle of the Top 25 or below.

 Remember, these Final Factors and Fatal Flaws are not cast in stone and may never emerge on any one of these teams or we may see something emerge on all of them. Just a kind of a pre-Halloween though before August is over. Good Night, Chopsley.


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