College Football Tickets – Rattling the Rankings

by on October 8, 2007 updated October 8, 2007

As I’ve said before you’ve gotta love college football tickets. It’s upset city weekend again. Last week was full of major and minor upsets. But the Gods of College football were saving the biggest for this weekend.


 The mighty USC Trojans got slammed with a knockout punch, falling to Stanford 24-23. This is the equivalent of your local Div 2 college team beating the local pros. Ecstasy in Stanford, weeping in


Maybe the best matchup of the week was the LSU- Florida shootout. Both teams came in looking for some type of validation. Florida wanted to prove something after their loss at
Auburn, LSU wanted to cement their claim as the #1 team in the nation.


The Gators jumped out to an early lead and held it throughout most of the game. But in a series of gutsy calls, LSU Head Coach Les Miles forever put his stamp in LSU football lore. How about going for it on 4th down five times? Apparantly Miles felt that if the Tigers couldn’t get it done at crunch time they didn’t deserve to be #1.

The upshot is that LSU holds on to the #1 spot and deservedly so. The Trojans fall to #10 after starting the year in the top spot.


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