College Football Tickets – Getting to the Nitty Gritty

by on November 2, 2009 updated November 2, 2009

 It seems to me that college football has become a game of endurance. If a team wants to punch out tickets to the BCS National Championship Game, they’ve got to find a way to go undefeated throughout the season. There are exceptions to this of course, but the pervading theory is that a National Champion should have an unblemished record.

 Right now there a few teams that fit this bill. The Florida Gators seem to have the most momentum, which shouldn’t be surprising. Tim Tebow University has been the darling of the media since the pre-season and with good reason. I believe the Gators will finish at the top. They have no real test remaining on their schedule. Next stop:SEC Championship Game.

 The Alabama Crimson Tide might stand in the way at that SEC Championship Game. But the Crimson Tide still have a big game against the LSU Tigers, followed by a season finale with Auburn. The LSU Tigers have a shot but they’ll have to play their best game of the season to beat Alabama and I don’t see that happening. Look for a Gators vs Tide contest in the SEC Championship.

 And then there’s the Texas Longhorns. Beginning the season in the Top 5, and gradually moving their way up, the Longhorns have been only semi-darlings. It’s like the college football pundits have been waiting for the Longhorns to slip and the Longhorns just won’t cooperate. I like Texas (really) but I’m still unsure the strength of their schedule justifies their ranking. Then of course, you’ve got the people who feel the top two teams in the country come from the SEC, a feeling I have to agree with. Still, if Texas can finish out undefeated, and it looks to me they will, they’ll get their shot at the crystal blimp.


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