College Football Lookouts

by on August 18, 2008 updated August 18, 2008

 Look out for Everson Griffin of the USC Trojans. Defensive ends are always at a premium and he’s starting to build some momentum as one of the better ones.

 Speaking of defensive linemen, talk around college football was the LSU Tigers were going to have a tough time replacing Dorsey. Coach Les Miles seem to think they’ll be just as good in 2008 as they were in 2007 when they won a BCS National Championship. Look out for that.

Look out for the Georgia Bulldogs and the big fall. this is a team that’s been so pumped up it’s going to be absolutely impossible to live up to expectations. The Bulldogs also face a grueling schedule in a grueling conference. Coupled with the hype, it wouldn’t take much to demoralize this team.

Look out for DeMarco Murray as the next perfect runner to come out of the Oklahoma Sooners football program. Dancin Dave Purdum already has him pegged as the next Adrian Peterson. His coronation comes in the 2008 football season.

Look out for the fallout from the Ohio State Buckeyes second strike in the BCS National Championship Game last season. Even going to the big one isn’t enough now in this age of everyone looking to go to “the next level.” 


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