College Football in 2009 – That’s the Ticket

by on July 18, 2009 updated July 18, 2009

 Is it too early to start razzing your neighbor about his choice of college football teams? Nah, it’s never too early for that. And it’s certainly not too early for the pollsters to start with their pre-season picks on which college football teams will end up at the top of the pops. Here’s a look at what the “experts” have to say.

Florida Gators – The Gators are ranked either 1st (AP) or 2nd (USA Today, BCS) by the pollsters. After winning a BCS Championship last season the Gators have the benefit of the return of Tebow. That alone is worth some votes. The Gators will have some tough competition in the SEC though and it’s not a gimme.

Oklahoma Sooners – This ranking will make Dancin Dave very happy. The Sooner garner the top spot in the AP and BCS poll by virtue of a strong running game, good quarterbacking, and a defensive line that returns a solid and talented resume.

Texas Longhorns – A unanimous 3rd in all polls, the Texas Longhorns are an annual favorite of the pollsters. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them pass the Sooners before the year is up.

Alabama Crimson Tide – While ranked fourth across the board I believe the Alabama team could surprise everyone this season and make a trip to the BCS National Championship. Nick Saban will be starting to reap the benefits of great recruiting. Only the rigorous SEC stands in the way. Or injury.

Penn State Nittany Lions - A surprisingly strong 2008 is lifting expectations for the Nittany Lions. Joe Paterno has proven that there’s life after strong calls for retirement. Sentiment moves us to wish for a BCS appearance just as an homage.


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