College Football – Going Bowling

by on November 8, 2007 updated November 8, 2007

 Of course the biggest question of the season is always who will play in the BCS National Championship Game. Right now the odds on favorites are probably Ohio State and LSU. Barring any major upsets, which is hard to do this year, these two look like the cream of the crop.

The Sugar Bowl is a little tougher. Auburn is a good bet to represent the SEC. Who’ll be on the other end? Hopefully it’s the Oklahoma Sooners which would make Dancin Dave happy as it gives him a good excuse to come party in New Orleans.

For the Orange Bowl I’d be confident of Virginia Tech but I’m having a hard time picking an opponent.

Disagree? Got a suggestion for these bowls or the other bowls? Leave a comment giving me your picks for these bowls and the Fiesta Bowl and Rose Bowl.


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