College Football – Now it Begins

by on August 30, 2013 updated July 5, 2014


College Football Tickets


College football tickets get their first week under the belt beginning today and there are already some pretty big game results and some pretty good action.

Topping the list is probably the South Carolina Gamecocks vs the North Carolina Tarheels which ended up with the Gamecocks pulling out a 27-10 victory in what some are saying was a lackluster performance. Big things are expected from the Steve Spurrier crew, especially on offense.

A better game for a college football fan in general was the Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt game, a contest that turned out to be a doozy. The score and the momentum swung back and forth in a crazy way, with Ole Miss eventually coming up with a 39-35 victory that was the right way to start a college football season. A 75-yard run by Jeff Scott of Ole Miss wrapped things up for the Rebels but there was enough action to make me happy.

On Saturday we’ll finally get to see Johnny Manziel as the Aggies take on Rice. In the second half anyway. Manziel came up with a 1/2 game suspension somehow, despite the fact that there seems to be no infractions that the NCAA could make stick. Maybe the Gods of College football decided they needed to save face in some way.

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