Coldplay, Buffet, REM, and You #$^%$@#$ Lucky Enough to be at Home

by on June 1, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 While I’m stuck over here in the burning desert sands of Iraq, you folks back in the states are fortunate enough to have a slew of great concert tickets available over the next few months. In my seething envy I’m going to list some of them :

Coldplay Concert Tickets – This stunningly good British foursome are on the road in support of their latest album. the first three were killers and this one doesn’t dissapoint in the least.

Jimmy Buffet Concert Tickets – Parrotheads Unite! Bffet is almost continually on tour and his concerts are some of the best laid back outings you’ll ever find

REM Concert Tickets – Of all the bands I’ve never had the chance to see, REM s the one I regret the most

Kenny Chesney Concert Tickets – I’ve never been a fan of country music but Chesney has something I really like. Also, I have a picture of my girls all dressed up in cowboy hats on their way to a Kenny Chesney concert. It’s one of my favorite pictures in the world.

American Idols Live Concert Tickets – While the whole American Idols thing escapes me, there’s no doubt that my wife and kids will be shanghaing the checkbook for American Idols Live tickets. Can’t deny the love affair between America and these suddenly famous crooners.    

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