Cleveland Cavaliers Say Goodbye to Brown

by on May 24, 2010 updated May 24, 2010

 You can’t say that Mike Brown did a bad job for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don’t think that even the Cleveland Cavaliers would say that Mike Brown did a bad job. But he didn’t do a good enough job because Mike Brown got canned today.

 It seems not even Lebron James was able to make Mike Brown good enough to win an NBA title. No doubt James is a superior talent. But even a superior talent can’t thrive by itself and win champiuonships in the NBA. A superior talent must be surrounded by good talent and the chemistry to work together. So was this a failure on the part of Mike Brown or a failure on the Cleveland Cavaliers management to give Brown enough talent? We’ll never know because the Cavs, like most franchises, are never forthcoming about who’s actually calling the shots when it comes to picking talent.


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