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Cleveland Browns tickets haven’t been much fun but that could change very soon. The Browns have been floundering around at the bottom of the AFC North for a decade, oftentimes suffering cruel fate. One of the biggest reasons for that is the continued lack of a true NFL caliber starting quarterback. Brian Hoyer has been serviceable but hampered by a lack of quality receivers around him. Entering the 2014 NFL Draft, Browns ticket holders waited for more of the same futility.

For once, the Cleveland Browns surprised fans in a good way. A typical Browns move, taking Justin Gilbert, cornerback, with their first pick made little sense. Dalton needed weapons and Gilbert wasn’t it. Then the stunner. Cleveland executed a trade, move up, and picked Texas A&M and media star Johnny Manziel. A lightning bolt out of the blue, the move set Cleveland Browns tickets on fire, with 2,000 orders pouring in for tickets in the first hour of the announcement. The Cleveland Browns now have a star.


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The needs however, are still there. The announcement that wide receiver Josh Gordon may be out for the season was a tough blow. What’s drawing interest in Browns tickets though, is the interest in the battle between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. Nothing else seems to matter.

Brian Hoyer isn’t going away. Jason Campbell is gone, along with Brandon Weeden. Hoyer is the survivor type and he’ll be hell bent on fending off Johnny Manziel as long as possible. Last season Hoyer proved he has the potential to be an NFL quarterback, leading Cleveland to wins against the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals. With 5 touchdowns though, Hoyer doesn’t have a good lock on the job. He’ll have to create one while the media screams for Johnny Football to take over.

Manziel is certainly interesting and he has the pedigree of a fantastic college career. But this is the NFL. Manziel won’t be scampering around in any defensive backfields here. He also won’t be making defensive linemen look slow. The big question for the Cleveland Browns, and certainly for Browns tickets buyers, is just when they get to see Manziel in action in a regular season game. That all depends on Hoyer and his recovery from a knee injury and how fast Manziel picks up the offense.

Johnny Football is in Cleveland and Cleveland Browns tickets are sudden;ly relevant again. That’s a good thing for the Browns and for the NFL.

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