Clash of the Titans – OKC and San Antonio

by on May 30, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


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The Western Conference Finals kicked off with a game of hard-nose basketball.  The San Antonio Spurs took the win against the Oklahoma City Thunder 101-98.

The San Antonio Spurs have taken the NBA playoffs by storm.  They are on an 18-game winning streak going back to the regular season.  This team is ridiculously good and could be the best team I’ve ever seen in basketball.  They are playing for the now and not the future.

Ginobili was “the guy” in Game 1 for the Spurs and looks to continue his dominant presence tonight in Game 2.  He did everything from drawing fouls to making buzzer beating three pointers.  The thing about the Spurs is that they have more than one dominant shooter with Duncan and Parker.   That’s what makes this such a strong team.  They have depth, plain and simple.  If Ginobili doesn’t have the best night, then Duncan or Parker can and will take control of the game.

Unfortunately for the Thunder, I don’t see them winning this series.  On the plus side for the Thunder, they could very well be the best team in the next decade with Durant, Westbrook, and Harden.  If the Thunder somehow pull off a victory over the Spurs and advance to the finals, they will be the team to win it all.

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