Cincinnati Bengals Tickets – 2014 Preview

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2014 Cincinnati Bengals tickets


Here’s a look at 2014 Cincinnati Bengals tickets and the Bengals outlook for the 2014 NFL season. Bear in mind it’s early and the upcoming summer with camps and possible injuries around the league could drastically alter the outlook.

The Cincinnati Bengals enjoyed a good season in 2013, running out to 11-5 and clinching a playoff spot. In the NFL that’s a big accomplishment but it wasn’t enough to satisfy either the Bengals themselves or Bengals ticket buyers as the team ran into a ┬ástone wall in the first round, losing to San Diego 27-10.


NFL Football Tickets


Cincinnati has a few goals to accomplish in 2014 and it begins with the roster. The Bengals lost their best pass rusher in Michael Johnson, who went to Tampa bay. While Johnson only generated 3.5 sacks himself, he occupied space and linemen, allowing the other pass rushers more opportunity. Another consideration is one most NFL teams go through: Is Andy Dalton a good enough quarterback to get the Bengals into the Super Bowl? Dalton passed for over 4,000 yards and 33 touchdowns. The killer number comes with 20 interceptions, the mark of either inaccuracy or pushing too hard. Better weapons might answer this question if Cincinnati signs Dalton to a long term deal.

Here’s a look at the Bengals 2014 schedule.

The Bengals open on the road against AFC North opponent Baltimore before returning home to take on an Atlanta Falcons team that promises to be much better than the 2013 version. Road game against the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts in the first half of the season will be tough tests for the Bengals defense. Jacksonville and Cleveland may provide some respite for CIncinnati but traveling to face the New Orleans Saints won’t and facing the Denver Broncos, even at home, promises to be challenging. Overall, the Bengals schedule is middle of the road tough.

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