Cincinnati Bengals Taking Chances

by on February 16, 2010 updated February 16, 2010

 For many years the Cincinnati Bengals were the “celebrity rehab” of the NFL. Law breaking seemed to acceptable to the organization and so it kept happening. At one point the Bengals rivaled the outlaw Oakland Raiders as a home for wayward bad boys. After cleaning up their act to some degree it seems that Cincinnati is back in the renegade business.

 Word is out that the Bengals are talking to Pacman Jones, the oft-arrested and mercurial cornerback talent. Jones seems to be a guy laden with unrealized potential. But in his short stint with the Dallas Cowboys, Jones seemed to have lost a step and after sitting out the 2009 NFL season his skills are no doubt eroded to some degree.

 At wide receiver Cincinnati has signed Matt Jones, ex-Jacksonville Jaguar. Though Jones was a 1st Round pick he’s really had only one good season balanced against his record of repeated substance offenses. Both Jones’ are high risk signings in the eyes of the rest of the NFL. More to the point, Jones doesn’t seem to have a prayer of replacing the deep threat of Chris Henry. These signings look like a step back for the Cincinnati Bengals.


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