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by on December 25, 2011 updated December 25, 2011

Chicago Bulls Tickets Chicago Bulls Tickets

Chicago Bulls tickets got off to a strong start yesterday in an away game that had NBA fans spending their Christmas in front of the tube. In a shortened NBA season it was important for the league to put up a memorable contest to get the juices flowing and that’s exactly what they did. Bulls star Derrick Rose capped off a big Chicago rally with a last second shot that sent the darling Lakers home with an 88-87 loss to think about.

 The Chicago Bulls have had plenty to think about this off-season, having been sent home from the playoffs last year after posting an NBA best 62 wins. But in this contest it was the Bulls who hung around long enough to get rolling and disappoint another team’s fans. With a little over three minutes to play the Chicago Bulls found themselves down by 11 and lacking the gritty defensive style that kept them in games all last season. Things changed in a hurry.

The play of the game on the defensive side foes to Luol Deng, who got his hands on a Kobe Bryant pass with under 17 seconds left to set up the winning shot by Rose. Deng also contributed 21 points of his own and in the end kept an injured Kobe Bryant in check long enough for Chicago to get their opening day win.

 From here the Bulls schedule takes them to a tour of the West Coast with road games against the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings, before a matchup with the Chris Paul led LA Clippers on Dec 30th.

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