Celtics vs 76ers – Philly Forces Game 7

by on May 24, 2012 updated May 24, 2012

Hey, remember a long time ago (like yesterday) when I wrote a blog about how the Philadelphia 76ers could very possibly rise to the occasion and force a series deciding Game 7 in Boston. Guess what? It happened. Last night the 76ers used some very positive reinforcement from coach Doug Collins, a little inspiration from Allen Iverson, and some rough a sometimes ragged play to beat the Boston Celtics 82-75 in Philly, setting up an improbable Game 7 in TD Gardens and an all or nothing showdown for the right to play in the Eastern Conference Finals.


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Jrue Holiday led the way with 20 points and the best first name in the NBA. Elton Brand pulled off 13 with 10 rebounds and once again the Philadelphia 76ers won a tough game after a loss in the previous matchup. In this win, Philadelphia simply shut the Celtics down, holding them to 33% shooting and forcing a boatload of turnovers. In a way, it was a classic 76ers win or at least classic for this playoff run where everyone keeps writing them off and they keep rising from the dead.

Of course, now the 76ers will have to defy the odds. They’ll have to win consecutive games for the first time in the post-season. They’ll have to go into TD Garden and beat the Celtics on their home court. They’ll have to prove that they’re the team they believe they are and in the most pressure filled way imaginable. It all makes for a great NBA story if they can accomplish it. It’s a pretty big thing fora #8 seed so the Philadelphia 76ers have done well just to be where they are now. So why stop dreaming?

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