Celtics vs 76ers – Crushing Philly

by on May 16, 2012 updated May 16, 2012


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Just got back from the defac where I watched the Boston Celtics literally crush the Philadelphia 76ers on their home court. If there was a way for the Celtics to show the world what they’re made of that was the way to do it. Boston took it to the 76ers from the very beginning and never let them get in any flow and simply denied them the possibility of staging a comeback.

Perhaps this series has taken a decisive turn with the Celtics domination. Game 1 &2 were very close affairs, each decided by a single point. But the Celtics left no doubt who was the better team in this game. Kevin Garnett covered the boards with 13 rebounds and scored 27 points, using a big second quarter performance to create space and leave Philadelphia gasping.

Now holding a 2-1 lead in the series the Boston Celtics have gotten into the heads of the 76ers. The fire left over from their series win over the Bulls has been extinguished. Philly will have to find something to rally their spirits before Game 4 or they’ll be beaten puppies by the time they head back to Boston.

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