Cavaliers and Lakers Headed for the NBA Championship?

by on April 22, 2009 updated April 22, 2009

 There have been some mild surprises in the NBA Playoff for sure. Examples are the Chicago Bulls first game win over the Celtics. Then there’s the Denver Nuggets total blowout of the New Orleans Hornets. Even the Philadelphia 76ers got into the act, taking a 2-point win over the Orlando Magic.

 At this point though it appears that the two top acts the NBA has to offer are performing up to expectations. The Cleveland Cavaliers are cruising through the first round and the Los Angeles Lakers have easily handled the Utah Jazz. Certainly tougher games are to follow. But right now there are no apparent weaknesses emerging and the NBA should reap the benefit of a prime time matchup.

 The Los Angeles Lakers have been a team heaped in traditional winning and occupy one of the most publicized and high pressure spots in the world of sports. They’ve long outclassed even New York in fan expectation. The Cleveland Cavaliers have come on to the scene more recently, riding the wave of LeBron James. Seeing these two pair off in the NBA Championship seems inevitable, or at least highly likely. And that’s the way it shpould be unless a glorious Cinderella emerges from a so so pack.


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