Carolina Panthers Tickets – The Rise of Cam Ball

by on April 15, 2012 updated April 15, 2012

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers tickets get a boost with the rise of Cam Newton.

The Carolina Panthers feel like they struck gold with the drafting of Cam Newton last season and it would be hard to argue the point. Newton energized Panthers tickets holders and through the course of the 2011 season he ignited the Carolina offense. His stats were very impressive for a rookie quarterback in the NFL or any other league. Newton’s rating of 84.5 belies his impact on the Carolina Panthers as it tends to be skewed more towards the passing game than the overall contribution of a quarterback. Passing for 4,051 yards and 21 touchdowns, you have to toss in the fact that Cam Newton also ran for 700 yards and 14 TD’s, a rookie record.
The rest of the NFC South had to sit up and take notice of Cam Newton. He’s building his resume and increasing his confidence. By his own estimation Newton will be better prepared for the 2012 NFL season and the offseason work on his own, with his coaches, and with wide receiver Steve Smith can only make him more potent. The rise of the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton are inextricably joined. With Tampa Bay retooling after a down year, and the Atlanta Falcons somewhat of a disappointment last season, and the New Orleans Saints a huge question mark, the NFC South is ripe for the taking. One team in this division always surprises. In 2012 it could easily be the Carolina Panthers.

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