Carolina Panthers Tickets – 2014 Repeat?

by on June 16, 2014 updated July 8, 2014

Carolina Panthers tickets hit the ground running in 2014, based on an NFC South title last season and the hope that another on is just around the corner. Ron Rivera seems to have this franchise moving in the right direction but in the fickle world of the NFL, moving in the right direction isn’t enough. Carolina must once more make the playoff list and then do more than a one and done.


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Putting aside the obvious obstacle in the playoffs, the Panthers first have to get out of the NFC South with a winning record. On paper, it looks like the New Orleans Saints will be the biggest obstacle. The Saints and Panthers always play brutal games and each hos done enough to make any matchup a coin toss. This season the Panthers will be breaking in a new set of receivers for Cam Newton, who is coning off his best NFL performance yet. How Newton adjust to losing Steve Smith, and his chemistry will all the new faces, makes or breaks this 2014 NFL stretch for Carolina.

But we digress. Carolina Panthers ticket holders may have the Atlanta Falcons penciled in as a win. However, just as Carolina rose from the ashes, the Falcons may rebound. This is a team in Atlanta that posted a 13-3 record two seasons ago? Not much has changed except they’ve gotten much healthier and will be at full strength in 2014.

Finally, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a complete unknown. Lovie Smith is now at the helm, McCown pulls the trigger, and where it goes from there nobody knows. Is this going to be a quick turnaround or a slow build?

Carolina Panthers tickets are passes to the defense of an NFC South title while simultaneously rebuilding an offense. Rivera is taking a chance, rolling the dice with an athletic quarterback and a brand new set of receivers. The NFC South just got a lot more interesting.

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