St. Louis Cardinals – Ailing but Winning

by on June 10, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

The St. Louis Cardinals have been winning in an impressive fashion, meaning they are doing it without much of their anticipated starting lineup. The other day the Cards took the field with only three players in their natural position. Manager Tony La Russ has gone down the line, trying to find a solid #4 batter. He’s manning positions with the rawest of recruits, and swapping infielders and outfielders with little regard to where they were signed to play at the beginning of the season. And yet the Cardinals tickets holders are enjoying the best record in the MLB right now.

At 11 games over .500 and with a two-game lead in the NL central, the St. Louis Cardinals have just refused to fold. The players attribute the winning to club solidarity and chemistry. The coaches don’t have a lot to say. And of course, Albert Pujols has been on a hot streak, not a bad thing to have happen when the rest of your roster is ailing. The folks who buy cardinals tickets just don’t care. Winning without Adam Wainright, Matt Holliday, and Ryan Franklin is just as sweet as winning with them.

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