Cardinals and Pirates and More

by on September 18, 2013 updated September 18, 2013

How long has it been since the Pittsburgh Pirates were in this kind of race? A very long time. We recently wrote a piece about the happiness in the Steel City to finally see the Pirates engaged in winning baseball. That happiness is still there, Pittsburgh is going to have a winning season, but the joy was dimmed somewhat yesterday as the St. Louis Cardinals gain a win over the Colorado Rockies. At the same time the Pirates dropped one to the Padres, letting St. Louis slip past them and into the lead for the NL Central. The Cards and the Pirates will be running neck and neck until the end, fighting for one of the playoff spots in the National League.


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Meanwhile the Boston Red Sox are cruising into the MLB end game with a comfortable lead over Tampa Bay. The Orioles have their backs to the wall and New York is out. It’s that way throughout the American League, with the Detroit Tigers and Oakland A’s enjoying hefty leads.

But the National League is a little different. Besides the close race in the we have even more excitement in the lower rungs of the conference where several teams are entertaining thoughts if post-season success. Even the Washington Nationals have a decent chance of extending their season, along with the Diamondbacks, Padres, and Giants. It’s going to be a great run for MLB tickets, a time when baseball captures some of the national attention and moves into the glory days of the baseball season.

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