Bye Bye Barry Bonds, Let’s get on with it

by on September 27, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

 Fans with Giants tickets will miss their somewhat tarnished hero. Regardless of whether or not Barry took steroids, he did allow Giants fans to focus on something other than the performance of their team. Mired in last place in the NL West as usual, Bonds delivered some diversion from the agony.

Meanwhile the expected nose to nose races in the MLB have panned out. Both the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have clinched. The way the Yankees are playing the Red Sox have to tighten uo to go anywhere in the post-season.

The Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Angels have clinched their divisions.

In the National League things are even tighter. The Mets and the Phillies are running neck and neck and could need every scheduled game and more to settle the issue. The Chicago Cubs have some breathing room but not much, and in the West the Diamondbacks and Padres are battling with the D’Backs ahead by a nose.

Things will settle out over the next few weeks. It’s way past time to start thinking about World Series tickets but if you hustle you can still land those treasured stubs.


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