Bulls Romping Over Hapless Pacers

by on April 22, 2011 updated April 22, 2011

Chicago Bulls playoff tickets have been delivering is spades. The Bulls spent another night running over an Indiana Pacers team that just doesn’t seem equipped to handle the pressure. Chicago now holds a 3-0 lead in the series, and it’s been a hard fought battle. Nothing is going the Pacers way.

These two teams are familiar with each other, having now lined up five times in about the last month. For some reason, the Chicago Bulls always seem to find a way to pull it off. It’s something that’s grating on the nerves of the Pacers and Pacers tickets holders. When they line up again on Saturday, be ready for some fireworks. Tempers are running short and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a little extra physicality from the Indiana side of the bench.

For Chicago Bulls tickets holders, it’s just a question of sitting back in their seats and letting it unfold. Now is not the time to get unduly excited. This thing may not be in the bag yet, there are potentially four games remaining. But as the Chicago Bulls take the best record in the Eastern Conference into the playoffs, and need only a single win to oust the Pacers, it’s time to start thinking strategically and keep your players fresh.


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