Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets – Collision Time

by on September 7, 2012 updated September 7, 2012


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NFL tickets always offer some kind of interesting analogy. In the case of the Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets game which opens the season for both teams, I think we’re going to see something akin to two objects moving in opposite directions, colliding. One will overpower the other, obviously the one with the most momentum on it’s side. In this case I see that as the Buffalo Bills.

For one thing I’ve been terribly unimpressed by the New York Jets since Rex Ryan headed into his second year.  I’ve seen no reason for optimism on the part of Jets fans. Mark Sanchez has been a disappointment, struggling to even post average quarterback numbers despite the protestations of faith from his coaching staff and ample opportunity. Even more so, I’m seeing the moves made by Ryan as something akin to desperation. The Tim Tebow move strikes me as a huge reach. The guy has talent in many areas and he’s a good athlete but as a quarterback in a pro offense he seems awfully lost. Toss in the fact that Rex Ryan is always boasting but rarely backing it up, well, it gets old and I’m tired of hearing it.

The Buffalo Bills on the other hand seem to be moving in the right direction. After a fairly promising start to the 20122 NFL season the Bills floundered on defense. By picking up Mario Williams and changing their defensive scheme they’ve addressed their problem in a clear and straightforward way. They almost have to be better on defense. Offensively Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn’t been the quarterback of dreams but he’s still got plenty of upside. In fairness to him, most of his interceptions came from gambling to keep scoring points, knowing the Bills defense probably wouldn’t hold opponents down. If he’s got the luxury of just controlling a game and not having to win it I think he’ll fare better in the 2012 NFL season.

Bottom line? Buffalo is making good decisions by identifying weaknesses and implementing roster moves and schematic changes to rectify the problems. But from a New York jets perspective, what problems were addressed by the signing of Tim Tebow? Does every NFL team need a versatile runner who can’t throw accurately? I don’t think so. It smells like Ryan wants to try to win by using Tebow in clutch situations, a strategy that may work a few times but won’t consistently win games in the NFL.

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