Buffalo Bills Tickets – Williams Impact

by on March 16, 2012 updated March 16, 2012

Buffalo Bills tickets have been on the downside in the NFL, languishing among the also rans and in some cases being regarded as a laugher in the big world of grand NFL tickets. But that may be changing as the Bills have generated some buzz with the signing of defensive linemen Mario Williams to a $100 million contract, a big bet on the future and one that has raised some eyebrows and speculation that the Buffalo Bills could make an impact in the AFC East.
The move gives the Bffalo Bills defense a suddenly scary aspect, one that could worry other AFC East quarterbacks like say, Tom Brady. It also makes Buffalo Bills tickets into an interesting investment, one that asks the question of whether the Bills could be one of those rags to riches teams that has been pushed into the background by the Patriots and Jets for the most part and acted a twin buffoon with the Miami Dolphins.
If Miami can pull off a free agent coup and sign Manning, Williams will get the chance to chase around two of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game in Brady and Manning and provide the kind of pressure you need to beat a quality quarterback. The Jets also have to be concerned as Mark Sanchez has shown a tendency to crumble under intense pressure. In fact, you could ask the question that if Manning knows Williams is going to line up against him twice a season, could it influence his decision? Pure speculation of course.
Williams should have some help in the middle, freeing him up to harass passers. Buffalo Bills tickets holders know they have had a decent defensive line with Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus manning the inside. Having Mario Williams on the outside is about all any fan could ask for from a defensive line. And so the NFL free agent wheel continues to spin. Is having Mario Williams on the roster the big factor that turns Buffalo Bills tickets into winners in the free agent lottery?

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