Buffalo Bills Tickets – Eagles Up Next

by on October 3, 2011 updated October 3, 2011

The Buffalo Bills put up a good fight but couldn’t get past the Cincinnati Bengals and rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. It was kind of surprising to me, but then fans with Buffalo Bills tickets are probably used to it. But that’s a shame. The Buffalo Bills have been on a roll and with a 3-0 start and facing an inexperienced quarterback, it appeared to be a good way to push the run to 4-0.

Now the Buffalo Bills will have to take on a Philadelphia Eagles squad that should be in a bad mood as they currently sit at 1-3 and the bottom of the NFC East. It’s might be bad luck that the Bills are catching Philadelphia right now. Then again it might be the Eagles with the hard luck. The Bills are playing well, determined to prove themselves, and are catching Philadelphia at a time when they could either jell or fall apart completely. How this all comes out will be a big factor in the remaining season for both teams. The winner will re-establish themselves. The loser will continue to founder.

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