Buffalo Bills – Tarvaris Time or Not

by on August 28, 2012 updated August 28, 2012


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Well here we go. Tarvaris Jackson has been given a new lease on his NFL career by being traded to the Buffalo Bills where he will assume backup duties. The Bills released the inconsistent Vince Young to make a spot on their roster, a move that apparently startled absolutely nobody.

It’s hard for me to see the thinking here but then again I’m no NFL executive obviously, but apparently the thinking was along the lines of “We have nothing to lose.” Young has plenty of baggage he carries along with him and Jackson has been a good citizen in NFL terms and the Buffalo Bills maybe see something in the now well traveled quarterback. The thing is, Jackson hasn’t been the most consistent guy either but Buffalo likes the fact that he’s got some mobility and claim his experience in a short passing attack lends itself to their system. So we’ll see.

As for Vince Young this isn’t good. he’s got a monkey on his back he’ll have to shake off and though it wouldn’t surprise me to see another team take a shot at him because of his physical ability, he’s got to find some way to impress coaches with his head and his demeanor before he can anticipate a legitimate shot at starting in the NFL again.

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