Browns Tickets Take a Hit – Manziel, Gordon, and the Electric Symphony of Acrobatics

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Manziel, Gordon, and the Electric Symphony of Acrobatics

Cleveland Browns tickets took a hit today as Josh Gordon will be suspended for the entire 2014 NFL season for failing a drug test. Which bis a shame because with all the hoopla surrounding Johnny Manziel it would have been nice to see them both on the field in a regular season game. there were no guarantees of course, but I think we all know that sooner or later Manziel and his Electric Symphony of Acrobatics would be out there at some point.

Can you imagine? Manziel under center, drops back, Gordon takes off streaking down the field. A relentless pass rush forces Manziel out of the pocket, he scrambles right, evades a tackler, scrambles back to his left, heads toward the line of scrimmage, Gordon breaks free and the pass is off. What happens next? We have to wait until next season to find out but long term, things look better for the Cleveland Browns than they have in a long while. Eventually, they’ll get there.



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Cam Newton and The Rib Eye

┬áThe Carolina Panthers have a very productive guy under center and Cam Newton will undoubtedly be the man of the hour when the regular season starts. There are however, two main obstacles to overcome, or three really. First of all, Newton has a brand new crop of wide receivers in 2014 and timing is everything in the passing game. Secondly, Newton has a cracked rib and man, if you ever had one, you know that isn’t an easy thing to deal with. Finally, the offensive line of the Panthers is a big unknown. They’ll be working with a new left tackle, probably Byron Bell, Nate Chandler, who’s used to lining up on the wrong side of the ball, and some inexperienced guards. Hard to say how this group is going to turn out but it’s for certain that every defensive lineman Cam Newton sees will be looking to deliver a shot right to the ribs. It’s the way the game is played.

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