Broncos Tickets – Here Comes Tebow

by on October 21, 2011 updated October 21, 2011

NFL fans with Denver Broncos tickets have been crying for Tim Tebow. And they’re gonna get him. Tim Tebow will get his first start for the Denver Broncos when they visit the Miami Dolphins. What did Tim Tebow do to become the Broncos starting quarterback? It’s more what Kyle Orton did. But let’s be realistic. Tim Tebow has been winner since he first stepped onto the field in Florida.

There are some guys who don’t look pretty but they get the job done. They defy conventional wisdom. The Saints have Drew Brees, a guy considered too small to play quarterback in the NFL, cast off by San Diego. He took New Orleans to the Super Bowl. Tebow has been dubbed a great athlete but his knock has been accuracy and arm strength. He can’t throw the ball consistently and can’t zip the out pass.

All that was still on the table when Tim Tebow took over in the Denver Broncos last game and scored two touchdowns to give Denver a fighting chance at a win. It’s still on the table. Can Tim Tebow succeed in an NFL that denies him any respect. The answer to that will come not in Miami, but over the course of the next few weeks. Given his charismatic hold on his followers, once entrenched, Tim Tebow will be hard to dislodge from his position.

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