Broncos Tickets – To Tebow or not to Tebow

by on October 10, 2011 updated October 10, 2011

That is the question. The Denver Broncos have been struggling with the whole Tim Tebow issue. Drafted by a previous regime, the current John Fox staff has been holding back on allowing Tim Tebow to assume a more prominent role. Critics of the former Florida quarterback have blasted him for everything from his mechanics to his arm strength to his accuracy. Kyle Orton has been noticeably better they say, and Tebow should be relegated to either 3rd string or the scrap heap.

But the fans who actually buy Denver Broncos tickets want this kid to get his shot. He’s proven to them that he can be a good citizen, a great team player, and a guy who any community in the country would welcome with open arms. But can he win in the NFL? That is still the biggest question.

The Broncos ticket holders got a taste of Tim Tebow last week when he engineered a strong comeback in a losing effort. Statistically though, it wasn’t that strong, even if he did run for one touchdown and pass for another. But on the plus side of the ledger, Tim Tebow brought the Denver Broncos back from a 14 point deficit and put the game in doubt very late.

Let’s not forget one thing. Tim Tebow has been a winner. And that may be just enough to get him a full fledged start against the Miami Dolphins in two weeks.

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