Broncos Tickets – Manning Denver Bound?

by on March 10, 2012 updated March 10, 2012

Denver Broncos Check Out Peyton Manning

The Denver Broncos are looking at Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos tickets were pretty interesting last season as Tim Tebow not only led the Broncos to the playoffs but ignited a firestorm of attention and adoration throughout the NFL. Pretty he wasn’t but Tebow did the most important thing and NFL quarterback can do, which is win games. When the season ended speculation was that tebow would get plenty of attention from John Elway in preparation for the 2012 season.

But the latest twist to the Denver Broncos quarterback saga brings the news that the team is seriously looking at Peyton Manning, the now ex-Colts quarterback released this week. Manning was in Denver today where he toured the facilities and had some talks with Elway and team officials. As mush interest as Tebow stirred up, some Broncos fans were on hand to welcome Manning.

It’s interesting to speculate how well Manning could do in Denver, an outdoor facility, and how much influence he could have on the Broncos offense with Elway basically running the team. Manning is used to having things his way and so is Elway. There could be a culture clash. But it might not be a bad idea to give Tebow some more time to develop and learn under the hand of both Elway and Manning. You couldn’t ask for better mentors. But let’s remember, this is only one stop on the Manning campaign tour. He’ll probably hit the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, and get courted heavily by the Miami Dolphins amongst others. Hang on.

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