Broncos vs Patriots…..Again

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The Denver Broncos and New England patriots will meet this weekend, another instant classic in what seems to be the best rivalry in the NFL at times, Manning vs Billicheck. Hark back to the old days when Manning was still playing for the Indianapolis Colts and you’ve got double digit matchups that more often than not seem to sway a season. Even Billicheck can’t be immune to what it means to face Peyton Manning. Nut neither quarterback, Manning or Brady, seems to get too wrapped up in it.

They’ve been through it before obviously, and just as obviously Tom Brady and Peyton Manning know a few things. One, that in the end it’s a single gam ein a long string of games and unless it’s playoff time in the NFL that one game won’t determine the success of a season. They also know that as much as they contribute, in the end it’s going to be complete teams that determine the outcome.

Now Manning is playing for the Broncos, a team viewed by most NFL fans as one of the most complete teams in the league. On the other side is the New England Patriots, a team that almost defines prolonged success in the world of professional football. The Patriots are on a winning streak. The Broncos have matched it. There are few certainties in the NFL but you can be sure that any BRoncos vs Patriots game is going to draw plenty of fans and be discussed for at least a week before and a week after. And it should be.


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