Broncos vs Patriots Preview – Running to a Title

by on January 18, 2014 updated January 18, 2014

Who Goes to the Super Bowl? YOU if you act now! 


The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will meet in Mile High tomorrow to decide which team gets the nod for the AFC Championship and represents the conference in the Super Bowl. That’s a fitting matchup since Brady and manning are arguably the two best quarterbacks of our generation. Hours are wasted in debate about which is better. That’s not pertinent. The question on Sunday will be: Which TEAM is better? Lost in all the comparisons about quarterbacks is the fact that in the NFL, 11 men take the field on either side and it’s the TEAM, not the quarterback, that most often decides the outcome.

 In this case both Manning and Brady have plenty to back them up. In this case, and in this particulat meeting, I believe the winning team is going to be the team that can do everything in an old school NFL way. That means playing defense and more importantly running the football. Therein lies the key to victory.

 The Denver Broncos have a breakout running back in Knowshon Moreno. He’s managed over 1,000 yards this season and he looks to be just coming into his own. Moreno has also gashed the Patriots before, picking up 224 in the loss in New England. The Patriots may have the answer to Moreno in LaGarrette Blount. Blount is in his reviavl scenario, rushing for over 350 yards in his last two games, including a 166 yard performnace against the Colts.

 While the whole world is focusing on Brady and Manning, the tow men who may make the biggest difference are both prepping for the game of their lives. We’ll see both Manning in Brady in action but we should pay special attention to Blount and Moreno. They are the keys to the win in the AFC Championship.


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