Boxing for Benjamin

by on March 31, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 My good friend Joseph Benjamin asked me to write something about boxing. Because of the overwhelming tragedy of his existence I have agreed to do so. The problem is, Joseph is confused:

“So Joseph,” I said, “Which boxing match would you like me to write about?”

“I dunno. Just Boxing.”

 “Like boxing in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or did you have anything else in mind?”

“I dunno.”

So here you go Joseph. In Atlantic City on Saturday, June 7th, Kelly Pavlick (33-0, 29 KO) meets Gary Lockett (30-1, 21 KO).

On Saturday, July 19 in a WBA welterweight title fight, Miguel Angel Cotto (31-0, 25 KOs) meets Ricardo Mayorga (29-6-1, 23 KOs). The location is still up for grabs.

There you go Joseph, you may now retreat back to your hootch and bask in the knowledge that you have inspired one more literary effort on my part.

And so it goes on at LSA Anaconda.

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