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by on December 20, 2007 updated December 20, 2007

 There’s always some disagreement among college football fans as to which bowl games will be the best. I asked around with some friends and here’s a compilation of opinions:

 BCS National Championship – This seems a natural selection but digging a little deeper yields some interesting thoughts. My friend Tim Giroir says he thinks the LSU Tigers will win but calls it as a close game. “I think something like 17-14 or even 14-10.” says Tim. “They’re about as evenly matched as I think you’ll get.” On the other hand my friend Doug says LSU will win in a blowout.  I’m interested in the motivational factor. Should Ohio State be more motivated because of their loss last year or should LSU have the edge because they haven’t made the trip since 2003?

Orange Bowl – This should be a great game. Kansas has a strong argument for being slighted in the championship game. Their offense taking on a tough Virginia Tech defense will answer a lot of questions. I think defense will prevail.

Fiesta Bowl – While my friend Dancin Dave is still crying over the Oklahoma Sooners not being in the championship he’s confident that Oklahoma will win. His thought: “West Virginia will be suffering from the loss of their Head Coach. The mental aspect of playing without their leader will be their downfall.” I’m thinking he may be right BUT if Mountaineers quarterback Pat White plays as well as he’s capable of then West Virginia could pull off the upset.

Rose Bowl - To be honest I don’t think USC scares anyone anymore. Despite a winning streak at the end of the season it’s been shown that they CAN be beated by jacked up teams with something to prove. Illinois falls into that category.

Sugar Bowl – Kudos to Hawaii for a perfect season. Now welcome to the SEC where the real football gets played. Georgia is (or was) the hottest team in the land t the end of the season. Unless the Bulldogs suffer a major letdown from the layoff, they’ll hand the Warriors their first loss.


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