Boston Still Battling – Game 7 Awaits

by on October 21, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 After dropping three games, the Boston Red Sox are still battling. Game 6, another chapter in the legend of Curt Schilling, was a free for all. Schilling held the Cleveland Indians to a pair of runs and six hits while his teammates took Carmona to the shed in a 12-2 win. J. D. Drew finally camne through for the Red Sox, silencing his critics with a Grand Slam in the 1st to set the tone for the night.

 To be truthful, I had given Boston up for dead. Now we’re looking at a Game 7 that promises to be memorable. We’ve been treated (or subjected depending on how you look at it) to almost nothing but sweeps this year in the MBL Playoffs. Now Boston and Cleveland offer up a decisive Game 7 that means the World Series or a ticket home.

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