Boston Red Sox – Wheeling and Dealing

by on August 30, 2012 updated August 30, 2012


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The Boston Red Sox made headlines this weekend with the biggest trade of the year, palming off Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzales, and Carl Crawford to the LA Dodgers in a monumental deal that alters the power structure in two divisions of Major league Baseball.

Here’s the kicker. The trade allowed the Red Sox to clear up about $260 million, a move that will allow them to own free agency for next season. Now the trick is going to be spending the money wisely and finding players that can become long term contributors to the franchise, which is a tall order. There’s always some hits and misses when you go shopping for baseball players.It’s also a great opportunity to dig down and get a real evaluation of some of the younger players already on the roster.

What does it mean for the LA Dodgers? To me, this is a huge gamble on their part. But it’s understandable. This is a franchise looking to revamp their image and do some damage right now, not next year. Of course, if these guys don’t get the hint and step up their games, then the whole thing is going to blow up in their faces. But for this season anyway the move should help fill some seats in the stadium. It’s certainly generating some buzz.

Bottom line? It will be maybe three or four years before either team can fully realize the impact of this trade.


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