Boston, Big Brown, Belmont, and Bonds

by on June 6, 2008 updated June 6, 2008

 As I write this, the sandstorm outside is unreal. I’m not kidding folks, we’re talking 35-40 mile an hour winds and sand out the yazoo, blasting away at everything. No sane person should be here of his own free will. Yet here I am.

In Boston they’re already counting their chickens after a spectacular win in the first game of the NBA Finals. I must admit I had little faith in the Boston Celtics after the Atlanta Hawks pushed them to the limit in the first round. I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again.

Meanwhile the oddsmakers are going nuts over Big Brown and Belmont. Will a cracked hoof nip the chances at a Triple Crown? NO, says the guy spackling a new hoof on to Big Brown. A little acrylic, a little fiberglass, and Big Brown is good to go.

Meanwhile, Barry Bonds, the home run king of the MLB, says for the millionth time that he is not guilty of taking steroids. Say it ain’t so, Barry.


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