Bon Jovi Tickets in My Pocket

by on March 21, 2011 updated July 5, 2014



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Well, probably not in my pocket but definitely in the pocket of my wife. The last time I might have had the opportunity to enjoy Bon Jovi tickets I was stuck in the middle of a little place called Afghanistan. Bon Jovi was headed for the Jazz Fest in New Orleans and it was billed to me as a can’t miss concert by my wife.

So while I was in Afghanistan dodging mortars, my wife and daughters were smack dab up against the stage watching Bon Jovi live. Now I’m trying to handle and 11-year old who’s a Bon Jovi fan. It could be a lot worse I guess and at this point I’m just happy that I’ll be able to get Bon Jovi tickets and be at the Jazz fest whe they come around. I’ve been assured by my wife that he puts on a great show and I have to believe her.

We’ve got a ways to go yet before Bon Jovi hits New Orleans, but there’s plenty of other places to catch the show. Vancouver, Des Moines, Atlanta, Orlando, and Houston are all on the list along with lots of others. But I’ll be catching Bon Jovi in New Orleans.

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