Bold Prediction for the NFC South

by on August 27, 2012 updated July 26, 2015

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Last year, the New Orleans Saints took the NFC South by storm and unfortunately fell short of another NFC Championship game in the Superdome.  I can say, being a Saints fan, that the Saints have never had an offseason like this before.  Drama with the alleged “bounty” scandal and a wiretapping rumor circled the Saints tiredlessly.  Most NFL and ESPN analysts think that the Falcons won’t have an issue winning the division this year, and some are even throwing in the Panthers.  The fact that they are ignoring that Drew Brees is the Saints’ quarterback and that Payton was actually out last year for some time is ignorant and foolish.

So, my bold prediction is that the Saints will take the NFC South by storm.  Now, I credit Cam Newton with what he did, but this year he won’t even come close to those numbers.  The Panthers are at best a .500 team this year.  The Falcons have always had a really good regular season with Ryan, Turner, White, and Gonzalez, but they can never perform in the playoffs.  The fact that the Saints can do both makes it even more obvious who will win this division.

Last year, the New Orleans Saints had suffered a huge loss when Payton couldn’t coach after breaking his leg, or so everyone thought.  In that stretch on time when Payton wasn’t calling the plays, the Saints never performed or scored more points at any point in the season.  Now, considering this is a whole season, it may be different, but the Saints offense is just too good to just all of sudden be bad.

This year, the New Orleans Saints will be the first team in the current NFC South to win their division title back to back.  That is my bold prediction for the NFC South.

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