Bold Prediction For the NFC North

by on August 25, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


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All of the ESPN and NFL analysts are going to say that the Packers will win the NFC North hands down.  Now, you figure since Rodgers is there that they’ll win automatically.  Last season showed a little cockiness out of Rodgers after going 15-1 and being one and done in the playoffs, not to take away from the Giants amazing play though.  There will be a champion in the NFC North, but it won’t be a team in Wisconsin.

My bold prediction is that either the Chicago Bears or the Detroit Lions will win the NFC North title.  To me, the Chicago Bears have the biggest edge over the Lions in the race against Green Bay.  Chicago has done nothing but impress me throughout the offseason.  They got two solid receivers with rookie Alshon Jeffery and veteran Brandon Marshall, who they got a great deal for.  Jeffery is the kid from South Carolina who showed promising progress throughout the training camp time.  With Marshall, you can’t get any better than a quarterback reuniting with one of old receivers.   Not only are the receivers great but Mr. Matt Forte is back with his new contract.

This year is going to be Jay Cutler’s year.  This is his make it or break it year.  And, I strongly believe that he will make it and make it very big.  He may not be the most successful quarterback in the NFC North this year, but he will get the job done.

And, that is my bold prediction for the NFC North: the Bears will win the NFC North.  Involving their record, I would say 11-5 or 12-4.  I’m sold on the Bears very much.  I’m not a Bears fan, but they look very dangerous this year.  Watch out, Green Bay, Chicago’s on your tail.

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