Bobcats Tickets – Sit Down MJ

by on April 19, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

It was one thing to ask Michael Jordan to sit down when he was a player. No coach in his right mind would sit him on the bench for any length of time. But being an owner in the NBA is a little different.

 Now that Michael Jordan has stated his intention to “get on the referees”, I expect Bobcats tickets holders to be at a disadvantage. It’s one thing to react to what you feel is a bad call. It’s another to blatantly come out and say you disagree with them when they haven’t mad a call yet.

 NBA official are human and I would think they would take offense to being criticized on a wholesale level. Saying so publicly only creates resentment and an easy excuse to make calls that otherwise might not have been made. Calm down Michael Jordan and pick your spots. You’re not a player anymore and getting on the bad side of NBA referees before the playoffs even start isn’t a good idea.

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