Blowouts on the rise? BCS-bound Gators? Gasp!

by on September 6, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

I wonder if 2007 college football tickets are going to deliver more blowouts than in past years.
In the opening weekend, at least two teams, Oklahoma and Louisville, hung 70 or more on opponents. There were numerous other blowouts, where teams easily eclipsed 60.
It’s just one weekend, but I wonder if college coaches are starting to realize that, in these days of the BCS, if you’re going to play a cupcake, you better blow them out.
Because sloppy performances that end in close victories will end up costing you a chance at a national title. Texas, I’m talking to you.

BCS-Bound: Oklahoma vs. Florida — I know the defending champs lost a bunch off last year’s squad. And I don’t believe this year’s version of the Gators is superior to last year’s, but the SEC isn’t what it used to be either.
Don’t be surprised when no SEC team makes it out of the conference undefeated, and for that matter, don’t be surprised when there may be only two teams left undefeated in the nation. Those two — Oklahoma and Hawaii.
But no one in their right mind is going to put the Rainbows in the championship game over a one-loss, SEC champion Florida team that also happens to be the defending national champion.


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