Black Holes, Freddi Mac, Ryder Cup Knockout

by on September 18, 2008 updated September 18, 2008

 OK, so there’s this big proton collider or something located somewhere in Europe and some scientists are concerned that this thing will create runaway black holes that will suck stuff into it. I think they’re right and the San Diego Chargers and Minnesota Vikings have had their Super Bowl hopes sucked into another universe.

 While most of us are watching our neighbors and maybe even ourselves struggle with the downfall of the mortgage market, it was announced this week that the majority of NFL franchises are worth upwards of a BILLION dollars. Sell your Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae and buy NFL tickets, at least you’ll watch something worthwhile rather than your money go down the drain.

 Muhammed Ali visited the Ryder Cup on Thursday. Rumors that he punched out the entire European team are probably not true.  


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