The Biting Edge

by on May 1, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Unusual article in the USA today on Friday dealing with some famous (or infamous) biting incidents in sports. Seems that when the chips are down and the adrenaline is flowing, human beings will resort to our ingrained genetic fallback positions and sink our teeth into the handiest piece of flesh.  A review of the incidents.

NHL – The most recent comes as Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins points the finger at Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks for biting his finger during a group scuffle in the Stanley Cup Finals.The NHL had an earlier biting incident years ago between Jarkko Ruutu and Andrew Peters.

Boxing – We all remember Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield. Oddly enough, Mike Tyson is a riot in The Hangover.

NBA – Wayne Rollins masticates on Danny Ainge of the Boston Celtics in 1983.

College Football – Two incidents, both involving mascots. Which is forgivable for an animal I guess.


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