Bills vs Patriots Tickets – The First Battle in the AFC East

by on July 29, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots tickets should be very interesting as an NFL season opener for both teams. I’m not going to just say that, I’m going to give good reasons for saying it. So there.

1) The AFC has become the dominant conference in the NFL. I don’t think this is a disputed fact. So what happens among the AFC leaders, which the Patriots certainly are, affects the NFL in general.

2) This will be the first regular season appearance of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Probably no other recovery has been so well documented. Unless you were around for the whole Luke and Laura thing.

3) New England never made it to the playoffs last season, much less a Super Bowl, probably the greatest miscarriage of justice since Ford pardoned Nixon. This means the Patriots will be out for bllod in every game. Big Bill will be running up the score whenever possible.

4) The Buffalo Bills have a new wide receiver, named I think, Terrell Owens. I’ve heard he’s pretty good.

5) It’s going to be interesting to see just how long Bill Belichick can keep cranking out wins when every season he loses assistant coaches, and key people in the Patriots organization. Does that well ever run dry?

6) Buffalo is a team that has been on the cusp for three years. Time is running out for Dick Jauron. Beating the Patriots on the road to start the season would be huge. I look for some twists in the strategy.

7) The AFC East features the Patriots, Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets. The Patriots are media darlings, the Dolphins are under the gun to prove they’re not a one season wonder, the New York Jets are starting over with a new coach and a high draft pick quarterback, and the Bills feature T.O. It’s an interesting division and one I expect will see fireworks and a very competitive year.

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