Big Tuna Rocks Dolphina Coach

by on January 3, 2008 updated January 3, 2008

 Bill Parcells, “The Big Tuna”, has already started to put his stamp on the Miami Dolphins. Like nobody else in the NFL, Bill Parcells doesn’t screw around. It’s hard to argue with the move. Cam Cameron led the Dolphins to a stunning 1-15 season. The offense was terrible and the players seemed to already have lost confidence in their coach. Cameron is the second firing by parcells, the first being Randy Meuller.

 It’s going to be interesting to see how Parcells reacts to a strictly office job, or if he restricts himself to that. Remember, his success with the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys came with him on the field as a Head Coach. I pity the poor slob that has to coach with Parcells looking over his shoulder.

 Meanwhile the Atlanta Falcons are also still looking for a Head Coach. No real frontrunners yet, or even big names. My personal opinion is that Arthur Blank needs to pull in a big name coach to spark some interest in Atlanta. With Michael Vick gone and the Falsons woeful performance on the field this year, something needs to light a fire in Atlanta.   


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